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Spread Your Legs, Let Me See it

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You know when you see a movie poster that features a woman spreading her legs and the main actor looking right through it; it tends to get you excited at first, then it reminds you of a movie you saw that also had a similar art direction on the poster but ended up disappointing you. PRINT Magazine has a nice piece on this phenomenon that features a gallery of the evolution of the spread-legged pose on movie posters, covers and advertisements.

The human leg has evolved continually over many eons, adapting from an underwater propeller to its current form. But on book covers and on film and theater posters, the leg has evolved very little. In fact, the “A-Frame,” a cutoff-torso-spread-leg framing device, is the most frequently copied trope ever used.”

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Written by Karan Bharwani

May 21, 2008 at 2:57 pm

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Evil Celebrity Clowns

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The only place you get to see celebrities in their true form and uncensored is on Perez Hilton, otherwise they always seem flawless on camera thanks to a team of make up artists and stylists. But what happens when you let the public (people good at photoshop that is) play the role of celebrity make up artists? You get evil looking celebrity clowns of course. Worth 1000 recently ran a contest that asked the people to turn any famous person or celebrity into an evil clown. Some of the pictures submitted are pretty jaw dropping and disturbing at the same time.

Written by Karan Bharwani

May 19, 2008 at 1:16 pm