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The Human Snake by Nokia

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Ask anyone the most popular mobile phone game ever and they are likely to say snake. Snake, in case you’ve been living in a shell for the past several years- is a game that comes pre-installed on every Nokia phone. So, for Nokia’s latest marketing campaign to promote the N-gage games, its no surprise that they use the snake game as their inspiration. Nokia has created a short film featuring more than 1000 extras to make up the largest human snake ever. The film has been shot with no special effects whatsoever, instead it has been captured using stop motion animation. It doesn’t end there; right after the video, you get to play a human version of breakout which is quite entertaining and funny at the same time. There is also a ‘behind the scenes’ video.


Written by Karan Bharwani

April 24, 2008 at 10:05 am